There is no dish that cannot be improved with ginger.

Sydney Film Festival

Some folks define their education by the silver spoon in the mouth of their school, the ivy strangled cloisters of their university, the concussion record of their rugby team, or the slave trader who funded their Oxbridge scholarship. My friends and I received the education we value most by sitting in the dark. I’m talking … Continue reading

A soup called Roberto

Helen Rosner of the New Yorker published her go-to soup as an Instagram story. It went viral. I’m reproducing it as one of my collection of quick and dirty recipes for a no-fuss delicious meal. (I particularly enjoy Helen’s folksy descriptions of the preparation. I think I’d enjoy cooking with her.) Ingredients Olive oil1 baseball-size … Continue reading

The right ratatouille

Ratatouille: from the French rata —a military ration; and touiller—to stir. The military origin of the word indicates a thin vegetable stew with, perhaps, a few scraps of rancid meat floating on top. In its more appealing manifestation as a regional Niçoise dish, ratatouille is a hearty combination of aubergine, tomato, red peppers and courgettes. … Continue reading

The Kill Switch Mystery

I recently finished my Telstra contract and decided to upgrade to an iPhone 11, not because there was anything wrong with my old phone, but to take advantage of Telstra’s offer of $20 a month off my bill for the next 24 months. I backed up the old phone to iCloud and then the nice … Continue reading


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