In his dream, the clockwork cinéast detects the fragrance of Eastmancolor and hears the ‘tick-tick-tick’ of sprockets as the winding snake of film slips between his fingers.He recalls the days when time was counted in frames set loose by the tension of the winder spring. He remembers the significance of ‘parallax,’ ‘contrast ratio,’ ‘T-stop,’ ‘lumens,’ and ‘circle of confusion’. He still knows how to calculate ‘depth of field’ using a tape measure and a well-thumbed copy of ‘The Cinematographer Handbook’.

I am Ian E. This is my personal web site, which displays some of my wares: my most recent writing, a few of my short films, a (future) podcast of readings from my books and stories, and an occasional blog which covers whatever I’m obsessed by at the time (you’d be surprised).