There is no dish that cannot be improved with ginger.

Writing & publishing a novel with Scrivener® (Part 2)

The novel is finished. Quickly upload the Kindle and PDF versions to Amazon. The sooner it’s up there, the sooner the dollars will roll in and the critics line up to praise you. Next step order 50 author copies to sell at the Saturday market. Pick up the box from the post office and proudly […]

There’s something about noodle soup.

“I live on good soup, not on fine words.” — Moliere Every society has it’s special soup, whether it be a Provençale Bouillabaisse, an Italian Minestrone, a Parisian Soupe a l’Oignon, a Russian Borscht, an American Seafood Chowder, a Scottish Cock-a-leekie or a good old Aussie Pumpkin soup. But nothing, to my mind, even approaches […]

Writing & publishing a novel with Scrivener® (Part 1)

At first glance, the Scrivener desktop looks a tad intimidating, but think about it as a real desktop and the comforting things you like to have around you when you’re writing: notepad, index cards, research folders, character sketches, maps, photos, useful web pages, dictionary, coffee, teddy bear… (Maybe not the coffee). You can push it […]

What is a clockwork cinéast?

I was inducted into the black art of film making prior to digital video, prior even to portable video at the London School Of Film Technique (now LFS) in the 1960s. This much-loved Bolex H16 was purchased second-hand in London in 1968 and has seen service as the documentary camera in the USSR, France, Czechoslovakia […]