Ben, the boy from nowhere

A Young Adult novel, Published May 2020

When her only friend, a boy genius, accidentally duplicates himself in his father’s laboratory, a rebellious teenager must help her friend conceal the “evidence”; but when the clone is kidnapped by a criminal syndicate bent on world domination, a group of unlikely collaborators set out to rescue their new “brother” before the gang destroys the clone, and the planet.

Ben started life as a film script, developed during a Screen Canberra low-budget film workshop, but it soon became too expensive for that category. It was a finalist in the Page Awards with a strong recommendation that it be produced as an animated film (even more $$$!). I decided to save myself 10+ years of heartache and rewrote it as a YA novel. Then came the frustrating business of trying to persuade a publisher or an agent to read it… I decided to save myself even more heartache and publish it myself with Amazon and Smashwords. It’s available now in the Kindle Store, Apple Books and Smashwords


What if there was a 3D printer that could copy a living human being? Tom Chan’s father is building one in his laboratory at Coolabah City University. When 13-year-old Tom and his neighbour Bethany ‘Biff’ Potts take shelter the lab during a thunderstorm and accidentally print a copy of Tom: a doppelgänger with no memories and no personality. They try to pass him/it off, as ‘Ben,’ Tom’s long-lost twin from China. But there are dark forces who want to clone humans for sinister reasons and they kidnap Ben in order to perfect their own human Replicator. Rescuing Ben leads Biff, Tom and their friends on a wild pursuit through the labyrinth of WW2 tunnels beneath Coolabah City, unearthing political machinations and grotesque secrets kept hidden for 70 years. But Ben also has a secret…

A masterful novel that explores the powerful bonds of teenage friendship and what it means to be human.

Read an excerpt from Chapter 1

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