Site re-design

My poor old web site went into hibernation during COVID-19. I threw all my energies into completing a novel that has been festering under various names and multiple folders since about 2012. Luckily, I use Scrivener and, even though the various restarts and revisions were a mess—some colour-coded, others in different projects—I found that everything … Continue reading Site re-design

Writing & publishing a novel with Scrivener®

Once you try Scrivener®, you will erase Microsoft Word from your life. Give it to the dog to eat, along with your homework. My young adult novel, Ben was created entirely in Scrivener®, from first draft to published eBook and paperback. Scrivener is not so much a word processor designed for writers (which it is) … Continue reading Writing & publishing a novel with Scrivener®

About Me

These are random musings, generally about writing, but could slao include theatre and movies and (of course) food..

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