Site re-design

My poor old web site went into hibernation during COVID-19. I threw all my energies into completing a novel that has been festering under various names and multiple folders since about 2012. Luckily, I use Scrivener and, even though the various restarts and revisions were a mess—some colour-coded, others in different projects—I found that everything was essentially in the same place. It was a not insurmountable problem to assemble all the bits and pieces in a revised Binder, untangle the Hongkong story from the Kerosene Creek back-story and begin picking my way through all the historical detail I had assembled. (This may be the subject of a future blog) After all, what better thing to do in a lockdown than finish a novel?

Thanks also to ACT Writers Centre for organising Zoom workshops throughour 2021 to keep us motivated. Most useful were Manuscript Masterclass with Nadine Davidoff, Access All Areas a series of presentations on the Australian publishing industry, and especially Julia Carlomagno’s detailed and very interactive workshop Pitch to Publisher. All of these kept me focused on my characters, the structure and the very complex story.

Kerosene Creek is now in the hands of the judges for the Penguin Literary Prize. I sent it there, rather than cold-calling a publisher in the hope that, if it is lucky enough to be short-listed, that will be a calling card. Of course, if it manages to win…

So, loins girded for a solid year of writing in 2022, I have decided to re-design this web site, cut out all the CV crap (I’m not looking for a job) and just highlight a few bits and pieces of my “life’s work” that I am proud of. Though I might still find time for a recipe or two.

This has not been a serious blog entry, More of a stone into the pond to see whether there are still ripples, and to test the new design.

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